Streamline your KYC, CDD, and AML requirements with our convenient one-stop-shop solution.

It’s an essential component for all AML compliant organizations that have a legal obligation to know their customers.

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Over 1k estate agents in Europe
The All-in-one Platform

A fully integrated, comprehensive suite of Customer Due Diligence tools.

CDDCheck gives you the freedom to check Ultimate Beneficial Owners in any potential business transaction. Our comprehensive global database allows you to screen against PEP’s on a domestic and international level whilst simultaneously checking international sanction lists and adverse media.

All at the touch of a button. All searches are saved in PDF format for audit purposes. Paper files and cabinets become a thing of the past.

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Why CDDCheck?

Identify risks and protect your business.

User-friendly Platform
Experience the convenience of CDDCheck, as it revolutionizes your screening process by bringing together all your screening needs in a modern, interactive, and user-friendly platform. Say goodbye to complexities and welcome an enhanced user experience that simplifies your workflow and maximizes efficiency.
Proprietary Data
We ensure real-time updates to our comprehensive global database, which includes sanctioned individuals and entities, as well as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs). This constant updating ensures that you stay informed and up-to-date at all times.
Real-time Monitoring
Our CDDCheck Risk Monitoring solution diligently monitors your clients on a daily basis. Rest assured, you will promptly receive notifications whenever new or additional risk factors are identified. This empowers you to proactively identify potential risks early on and swiftly take necessary actions, ensuring effective risk management.
API Integrations
Seamless integration is a key feature of our KYC & CDD solution, making it effortlessly compatible with a wide range of software packages, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This compatibility ensures a smooth and hassle-free implementation process, allowing you to leverage our solution’s capabilities within your existing software ecosystem.
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Know Your Customer!

The CDDCheck solution is for all SME companies that are subject to the AMLD.

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