CDD & AML software for accountants, bookkeepers and tax advisory firms.

Due to their financial qualifications and knowledge, accountants and bookkeepers are natural and common targets for money launderers. In many cases accountants can unwittingly be duped into a business relationship they later regret due to poor onboarding and CDD processes. Our CDD & AML software for accountants and tax advisory firms reduces your risks and helps you comply with current regulations.

Accountant / Admin Office & AML

Expertise in accountancy and bookkeeping can be used to disguise illegal transactions and make them look legitimate. This can easily make them vulnerable targets of financial crime. CDDCheck protects your business by offering time saving CDD & AML software for accountants and bookkeepers.

Our solution includes comprehensive PEP and sanction screening along with adverse media and ongoing monitoring. All checks are saved automatically in real-time to help with regulatory visits and audits. You don’t have to worry about being compliant ever again.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is actually 15 different entities that look after the sector. These can be found on GOV.UK but include the HMRC, Association of Accounting Technicians, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and Institute of Financial Accountants. These are in turn overseen by the main supervisor OPBAS.

“If a business fails to meet its obligations under the 2017 Regulations, civil penalties or criminal sanctions can be imposed on the business and any individuals deemed responsible. This could include anyone in a senior position who neglected their own responsibilities or agreed to something that resulted in the compliance failure”.

The AML law clearly stipulates that ALL employees of any Accountancy or bookkeeping firm must be trained to recognise and report any suspicious transactions to the relevant authorities in the form of an STR or SAR. A member of the senior management team or appointed MLRO can be responsible for making sure the training is of an adequate standard and remains relevant. In addition to this any firm which fails to train its staff sufficiently on the topic gives a defence to its employees and renders itself liable to prosecution for a regulatory breach. All training should be certified and recorded.

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The CDDCheck solution is for all SME companies that are subject to the AMLD.

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